Wolves on snowy hill

In This Issue:

  • Memory Secret: Want to Make Things Stick? Relax! Don’t Grind It Out
  • Fiction Contest Winner!
  • The Call of the Wild: Majestic Animal Portraits from the Archive
  • Super-Cheap Phone Plans
  • Soul-warming Soup
  • The 150-Year Lifespan

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On the cover: Dog and Cat Wait for Santa by Paul Bransom was originally published on The Country Gentleman, December 23, 1916.

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Making the Case for AA

By: Post Editors

In 1941, the Post reported on an obscure group known as Alcoholics Anonymous. The article would become a turning point in the organization’s history.  More

Cyborg head

Life Without Limits

By: Roy Altman

A plausible future history, in which computers are smarter than people, most diseases have been eliminated, and a normal lifespan is 150 years.  More


The Royal Me

By: Jennifer Parker

The weird, wild world of micronations where anybody can be king  More

Artist Jack Murray: The Call of the Wild

By: Post Editors

Our cover for this issue was painted for The Saturday Evening Post in 1941 by illustrator Jack Murray. Murray is little known today, but at midcentury, his bird and dog illustrations were so popular, they were included as trading cards in Kellogg’s cereal boxes.  More

Final Independence

By: Jeanne Erdmann

Nobody wants a protracted, dehumanized passing: Why is it still so easy for doctors to ignore a dying patient’s wishes?  More

College student studying

The Memory Secret

By: Benedict Carey

Want to make things stick? Don’t grind it out. The latest science points to a more relaxed approach to learning.  More

Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

Zelda, Burning

By: Celeste McMaster

Winner of the 2016 Great American Fiction Contest: At Highland Hospital, Zelda Fitzgerald found refuge from the world — but not from Scott.  More

Meet the 2016 Great American Fiction Contest Winners Banner

Meet the 2016 Great American Fiction Contest Prize Winners

By: Post Editors

The Saturday Evening Post salutes these fine writers and the more than 330 others who entered our 2016 contest.  More


The Argument

An open book
Noah Webster Would Have Loved Urban Dictionary

By: Rosemarie Ostler

The founding father of American English was a radical who wanted us to write the language the way we spoke it  More

Lighter Side

George Washington and Abe Lincoln
Presidents’ Day

By: Philip Gulley

What started as a memorial to George Washington and Abe Lincoln is now a tribute to all presidents.  More

My Word

Reaching for the Stars

By: Jim Bell

Images from the historic Voyager 1 and 2 missions made me want to become an astronomer  More

Contrarian View

Mindfulness Is Overrated

By: Jurgen Jetsohn

I was traveling recently and stumbled into the hotel’s fitness facility. I don’t know, maybe I sleepwalked there. Hate exercise, so I was earplugged into Pandora with poor old Stevie Ray Vaughan wailing about “The Things That I Used to Do,” trying my best to put my body into an acute state of activity at […]  More

Celebrity Profile

Alex Trebek
3 Questions for Alex Trebek

By: Jeanne Wolf

The Jeopardy! host on fans, family, and shopping at Home Depot  More

Your Health

Ceramic mug, lemon, thermometer, tissue, sweater
Natural Flu Busters

By: Wendy Braun

Six home remedies to fight the flu.  More


Soup’s On!

By: Patrick Perry

Ward off winter’s chill with the ultimate comfort food.  More


Man listening to the advice of an angel and a devil
Financial Guidance: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By: Steven G. Blum

How to know if the financial advice you’re paying dearly for is money down the drain  More


Phone with coins
Super-Cheap Phone Plans

By: Jeff Bertolucci

Low-cost providers can save you a bundle on your monthly bill  More


Jim Wood
Sway to Go!

By: Joe Kita

After retirement, he found a new career as a cruise ship dance partner for unescorted ladies  More

From the Archive

Vintage ad for Wrigley's Gum
Vintage Advertising: Chew on This!

By: Patrick Perry

The story behind Wrigley chewing gum.  More

Rockwell Files

Dashed Dream

By: Patrick Perry

Rockwell’s saddest-ever cheerleaders  More

Editor's Letter

Dry dying sunflower
Letting Go

By: Steven Slon

It’s time to help dying patients and their families get through this most difficult part of life’s journey with the least amount of suffering.  More