July/August 2012 Cover

July/August 2012

This issue’s cover story, “The Looming Crisis in Mass Transit,” is an intriguing historical perspective on a subject vital to our nation’s health. For nearly 100 years, the car has defined America, powered our growth, and given us the ability to live wherever we choose. But today, with fuel prices rising and the population surging, it is time to think about shifting our nation’s emphasis away from the automobile and toward mass transit.

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Illustration by Rodica Prato

The Looming Crisis In Mass Transit

By: James McCommons

What is it going to take to wean Americans off the car and get us back onto buses and trains? ... More

Cast of NBC's Parenthood (photo courtesy NBC).

The New American Super-Family

By: Doug Donaldson

Thanks in large part to the economy, a record number of adult children are moving back home. So are their grandparents. And, guess what? It’s working! ... More

Illustration by James Yang

Sneakiest New Scams

By: Sid Kirchheimer

Old cons never die—they just get tweaked. Here’s how to protect yourself, now! ... More

San Juan Capistrano Mission. Photo by Thomas Barrat.

The Mission Trail

By: Edward Readicker-Henderson

El Camino Real, the Royal Road, links together a chain of 21 Spanish missions built in California in the 1700s. ... More


... More



Illustration by Brian Sanchez
Book Club Agony

By: Judy Gruen

When Judy Gruen’s friend Eden invited her to join a book club, she was thrilled. But she soon learned, before joining a book club, first page through its reading list! ... More


Pose 6
5-Minute Fitness: Yoga Stretches

By: Wendy Braun

Find peace and a sense of balance with daily poses from yoga master Rodney Yee. ... More

People & Places

Photo courtesy Natalia Paruz
Hey, Saw Lady!

By: Julie A. Evans

After an accident ended her dance career, Natalia Paruz discovered a most unusual second act. ... More


Alice Waters at the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, California. Photo by Hannah Johnson.
A Better Way To Eat?

By: Kathryn Jessup

Alice Waters and the Slow Food movement are bringing edible education to a school near you. ... More


Easy-As-Pie Investing

By: Russell Wild, MBA

“Target-date” funds make all the calculations, so you don’t have to. ... More

In The Magazine

Plant growing out of iPad.
Grow 2.0

By: Jeff Bertolucci

Exercise your green thumb with new gardening apps. Put them to work to improve your gardening know-how and get consistently better results. ... More


Yogurt is one of the primary dietary sources of probiotics. Look for products that say “live and active cultures” on the label .
Post Investigates Probiotics

By: Laura Johannes

Potential health benefits range from better digestive health to prevention of colds and flus—but are the claims justified? ... More

Norman Rockwell

Head-scratcher: Was Rockwell stuck for ideas, or was there something more at play in this October 8, 1938, cover for the Post?
More Than Meets the Eye

By: Robert Berridge

Was Rockwell stuck for ideas, or was there something more at play in this October 8, 1938, cover for the Post? ... More