July/August 2013

In this issue: Find a list of the best beach reads, the nation’s hottest art festivals, natural age erasers, and more. Plus, Academy Award-winning actress (and action hero) Helen Mirren dishes on guns, nude scenes, and her not-so-secret crush on Bruce Willis.

As a special bonus, this issue’s video features useful summer BBQ tips from Post editors and staff.

Cover illustration by Kagan McLeod.


Illustration by Gwenda Kaczor

Who Stole the American Dream?

By: Hedrick Smith

The fortunate in this country carry on as ever before, blind to the suffering of the millions who struggle endlessly with poor health coverage, weak job choices, and chronic debt. ... More

Illustration by Kagan McLeod

Great Dame: Helen Mirren

By: Jeanne Wolf

Acclaimed actress (and action hero!) dishes on guns, nude scenes, and her not-so-secret crush on Bruce Willis. ... More


The Looming Water Crisis

By: Barry Yeoman

Despite the easy flow of water from our sinks, showers, and garden hoses, in many parts of the country water is becoming dangerously scarce. We need to stop thinking of this precious life-giving substance as cheap and infinite. ... More

Illustration by Kyle Hilton

In the Words of the Presidents

By: Paul Dickson

Since the days of our founding fathers, American presidents have been enriching our language with novel words, phrases, and concepts that we all now take for granted. ... More


The Bionic Man Is Real!

By: Elizabeth Svoboda

Amazing new “smart” prosthetic devices are changing the lives of amputees. ... More

Los Angeles Arts District

Warehouse Chic

By: Iyna Caruso

Revitalized industrial districts are suddenly hot. Here’s where to go and what to look for in seven major cities. ... More


The Wooing of Dolores McDougal

By: Cynthia McGean

Join the dance party at Duffy’s Bar and Grill. New humor! ... More


Trends & Opinions

How Technology is Driving Americans Toward Faith

By: T.M. Luhrmann

Science was once thought to be the rival of religion. But it is precisely the impact of technology that is driving Americans toward a deeply personal, spiritual faith. ... More

Lighter Side

Rockets’ Red Glare

By: Philip Gulley

A July Fourth fireworks display never loses its luster—but one can have too much of a good thing. ... More


Pet Buys

By: Wendy Braun

Five great gifts for the dogs and cats you love. ... More

People & Places

Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage.com
3 Questions for Bob Barker

By: Jeanne Wolf

The iconic game show host now devotes his energies to animal rights. ... More


5-Minute Fitness: Planks for Core Strength

By: Wendy Braun

Get stronger and stay motivated with simple moves designed for busy lifestyles. ... More


Travel Apps
Travel Apps

By: Wendy Braun

Ready, set, go! Enjoy a summer getaway with free travel apps that help with the planning. ... More

You Be the Judge

Lottery Ticket
Gambling Siblings

By: Joan SerVaas

Sister sues sibling due to broken lottery contract. Here’s what the judge had to say. ... More


Up-cycle Your Green Space

By: Post Editors

Whimsical bird feeders of recycled glassware add a pop of fun and function to your summer landscape. ... More

Trends & Opinions

Happy to be Hacked

By: Peter Bloch

Here’s a toast to the criminal spammer who unknowingly reunited two friends. ... More


Ultimate Barbecue

By: Steven Slon

Calling all grillers! It’s time to take it to the next level. Discover the six essential rules of the grill, mouth-watering recipes from celebrity chefs, and the primer on open-fire cooking. ... More


Greek-Style Lamb Kebabs
Emeril Lagasse’s Greek-Style Lamb Kebabs

By: Emeril Lagasse

These lamb skewers are full of flavor, soaked in a tasty Greek marinade of lemon juice, cilantro, mint, and more. ... More


Good Companies, Bad Stocks

By: Russell Wild, MBA

You might want to think twice before picking that can’t-lose glamour investment. ... More


Curtis Stone’s Grilled Shrimp and Asparagus with Lemon-Shallot Vinaigrette

By: Curtis Stone

This healthy grilled meal is not only made with just five ingredients, it also cooks from start to finish in just 15 minutes. ... More


Size Matters

By: Jeff Bertolucci

Sure, a small tablet is easy to carry. But if you’re looking for a slate that can substitute for—or replace—a conventional laptop, consider going large. ... More


The Looking Glass Cure

By: Chris Benguhe

After making a promise to her dying sister, a woman dedicates her life to brighten the looks—and attitudes—of cancer patients. ... More

Medical Update

Drinking Water
Look Younger Now!

By: Wendy Braun

The “youth movement” isn’t just a Hollywood phenomenon. It seems everywhere you turn someone is getting a facelift, an eyelift, or Botox injections. Post offers suggestions for naturally freshening up one’s face. ... More

Health & Family

Cream for Sunburn
Stop the Burn

By: Cara Acklin, Pharm. D.

Slip, slap, and slop on the sunscreen. But when sunburns happen despite our best intentions, follow these pharmacist-recommended strategies to save your skin. ... More


How to Swim Smart, Swim Fit

By: Wendy Braun

Four easy exercises to duck “swimmer’s shoulder” and keep you paddling in the pool. ... More

Medical Update

Eat Color!

By: Wendy Braun

Foods naturally red, blue, and purple contain powerful anthocyanin antioxidants widely believed to benefit the heart and blood vessels. ... More