March/April 2012 cover

March/April 2012

In this issue’s cover story, Barry Yeoman write a thought-provoking article on organic farming. “Visiting organic farms in my own community, I was struck by how small growers have learned to adapt to both corporate competition and a tough economy,” Yeoman says. Organic has become its own brand with attributes of purity, earth-friendliness, and freshness. But as more and more of us demand organic food, we’ve created a conundrum. Read “The Organic Food Paradox” to learn more.


The Organic Food Paradox

By: Barry Yeoman

As consumers increasingly demand organic produce, and as massive industrial farms rise to meet their needs, will it spell the end of the family-run, lovingly tended, earth-friendly farm?  More

Football fans watching TV

Are Sports Fans Happier?

By: Sid Kirchheimer

Although those chicken wings may not be great for your waistline, new studies reveal that rooting passionately is good for your mind, body, and spirit.  More

Miracle Seeker

By: Jill Paris

Hoping for a cure—and hungry for spiritual nourishment­—a thoroughly modern woman makes a pilgrimage to the sacred grotto at Lourdes.  More


By: Paul Reiser

In a hilarious excerpt from his best-selling Familyhood, the Mad About You star reflects on his favorite, um, sport.  More

Conquer Clutter

By: Todd Pitock

Can cleaning house help clear your spiritual deck? How one couple found peace in tidiness.  More


Aw, Shoot!

By: William Jeanes

When TV commercials drive you around the bend, you may be tempted to take a lesson from Elvis.  More

Gas Should Be More Expensive

By: Janus Ludak

Gas prices are already steep—so how does $7 a gallon sound?  More

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Tap-and-Pay Smart Phones

By: Jeff Bertolucci

Does this new technology make credit cards obsolete?  More

“Watch Me Walk”

By: Elizabeth Svoboda

New experimental technologies aim to help paralyzed patients leave their wheelchairs behind.  More

Time for a Third Party?

By: Frederick E. Allen

With few exceptions, the U.S. has been a two-choice nation for most of its existence. Is it time for a change?  More

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Angling for Blueberries

By: Corey Michael Dalton

This delicate dish combines sweet blueberries with savory trout.  More

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Escape Artist

By: Robert Berridge

Rockwell was a great talent spotter, but he couldn’t get one young painter to sit still for a portrait.  More