Norman Rockwell illustration of man standing up in town meeting on March/April 2015 cover

In this issue: The battle for America’s coastlines, Norman Rockwell’s inspiration for Freedom of Speech (reprinted on the cover), short story by PEN/Faulkner Award fiction finalist Valerie Trueblood, best brunch recipes, and more.

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Cover illustration by Norman Rockwell, first appeared inside The Saturday Evening Post on February 20, 1943.

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5 people with speech bubbles above their heads

Whither Free Speech

By: David A. Andelman

The right of personal expression is the spine, perhaps the entire skeleton, of democracy. Is this fundamental American freedom under attack?  More

A girl on a sailboat is looking at the setting sun.

Our Life on the Water

By: Diane Selkirk

Joy, wonder, and the occasional dollop of paralyzing fear — what it’s like to raise a child with the Pacific as her backyard.  More

Two families; one's happy, the other's miserable.

The Parenting Paradox

By: Jennifer Senior

Let’s face it: The day-to-day experience of raising kids is rarely much fun. Yet, in retrospect, nothing gives us more joy.  More

Croquet sticks and balls

Croquet Today

By: Ervin G. Roorda

Have mallet, will travel. The ancient leisurely lawn game is hot all over again.  More


Beach Wars

By: Barry Yeoman

Who owns America’s coastlines? How much access does the public deserve? Communities from California to Maine are struggling with these issues, which are rooted in almost 1,500 years of legal history.  More

An illustrated image of an elderly couple.

The New Nursing Home

By: Atul Gawande

How innovative thinkers are shaking up the classic nursing home paradigm and helping people in a state of dependence find value in their existence.  More

Horses on trading cards

Trading Cards

By: Valerie Trueblood

In this short story, 6-year-old Mary learns that life is not as predictable as a game of cards.  More


The Argument

Dandelions in the wind.
I Loved My Wife, but I Wished She Would Die

By: John La Grange

Brittany Maynard’s highly publicized suicide brought me back to the last week I had with my wife — a week I’d give anything not to have experienced.  More

American Pop

The Moon Man Down the Street

By: Cable Neuhaus

In 2015, we interviewed astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who passed away on February 4, 2016, a day before the 45th anniversary of his moon landing. Here, Mitchell shares his concerns about our planet’s future.  More

Lighter Side

Illustration of luggage and canoe piled on top of station wagon
Gimme a Break!

By: Philip Gulley

Humorist Philip Gulley covers the disturbing evolution of what used to be a simple spring holiday.  More

My Word

I Was a Psychotic Soccer Mom

By: Claire Peeps

Living vicariously through my daughter allowed me to celebrate her skills — but it also made me realize how much I had missed in my pre-Title IX sports career.  More

Contrarian View

A pair of jeans that are torn at the knees.
Let’s Play Dress-Up

By: Ed Dwyer

Has the casual ethic gone too far? When did it become acceptable to attend milestone events and special occasions dressed as if you were headed to Whole Foods afterward?  More


Spicy Egg and Avocado Wrap lr
Let’s Brunch!

By: Patrick Perry

Elevate your midday menu with sweet and savory ideas from chef Ellie Krieger.  More


The Savings Secret

By: Steven G. Blum

Compare and choose a retirement account, then fund that account as much as you can.  More


An illustrated crowd of people holding up mobile devices.
What’s the Big Deal?

By: Jeff Bertolucci

When it comes to smartphones, should you buck trends and keep a smaller phone? The answer depends. Analyzing the size explosion in smartphones.  More

Rockwell Files

Norman Rockwell illustration of a man carrying a mermaid in a lobster trap
Lucky Catch

By: Patrick Perry

A Rockwell nude? Well, almost. When Mermaid surfaced on the August 20, 1955, cover of the Post, it stirred a storm of controversy.  More