Cover for the May/June 2012 Issue

May/June 2012

In this issue, veteran science reporter Sharon Begley challenges another class of pharmaceuticals that has risen almost to the status of panacea, statin drugs (“The Cholesterol Conundrum”). Just about anyone with total cholesterol readings of 200 or higher will be offered statins by their primary care physician. Twenty-five percent of Americans 45 and older are on statins according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Doctors believe in these pills, and we take them because there’s reliable research showing that statins save lives. But not all lives.

To learn about the other stories in this issue, watch this video from Editorial Director Steven Slon.


Too Big to Fail?

By: Frederick E. Allen

How a small number of banks came to dominate American finance.  More

The Cholesterol Conundrum

By: Sharon Begley

Statin drugs benefit some people immensely but are taken by millions more. If you’re at low risk for heart disease, taking drugs to lower your cholesterol may be doing you no good. Is it time we took a second look at statins?  More

Diana Nyad

Take It To The Limit

By: Todd Pitock

Diana Nyad makes swimming history by completing her journey from Cuba to Florida at age 64! Read our 2012 profile on this amazing athlete who reminds us to never give up.  More

Build a Better Family Reunion

By: Ellen Michaud

The summer get-together can be a magical experience—if you can make it through alive. Here’s how to reap the benefits of connection while avoiding the negativity.  More

Mohonk Mountain House

America’s Grand Hotels

By: Betsa Marsh

To stay at any of these elegant lodgings is to venture back to another, more genteel time.  More

Processing Claims

By: Linda McCullough Moore

In this new story from Linda McCullough Moore, an unexpected phone call stirs up buried memories.  More


Farm Living Is the Life for Me

By: Philip Gulley

Turns out, farming is a lot simpler than it first appears.  More

Moveable Feast

By: Curtis Stone

Chef Curtis Stone shares his recipe for the perfect picnic!  More

Save $1,000 Per Year on Cable

By: Jeff Bertolucci

How to cut the cord and get your shows from the Internet.  More

The Best Gift Ever

By: Julie A. Evans

A medical diagnosis brought anger and depression into one woman’s life. But a simple proposition helped her snap out of it.  More

toxic friends slider/feature image
Heart Beat

By: Douglas P. Zipes, M.D.

Dr. Zipes offers advice on toxic friendships, LifeVests that prevent against sudden cardiac arrest, and fitness.  More

Overnight Sensation

By: Robert Berridge

Appearing on a Saturday Evening Post cover could be a springboard to fame, and this Post cover features an eventual movie star.  More