Saturday Evening Post cover for May/June 2013

May/June 2013

In this issue: Find fascinating articles including an interview with award-winning actor Alan Alda, an inside-look into birding, one of America’s fastest growing obsessions, and tips from TV chef Ellie Krieger on how to take a ho-hum salad and turn it into something truly spectacular.

You’ll also find a special feature about modern hermits leading a contemplative life in our hyper-connected world. See how this story inspires Post staff members to search for ways to unplug from their own busy lives.

Cover illustration by Von.


Balancing Act

By: Frederick E. Allen

Is the media today hopelessly biased? Where can you go to find the unvarnished truth?  More

Bird Nerds Unite!

By: Bruce Anderson

Nearly one in six Americans is a passionate bird-lover. Maybe it’s time to check out this grand (and rapidly growing) national obsession.  More

Alan Alda

By: Claudia Gryvatz Copquin

Thanks to M*A*S*H, The West Wing, and a slew of successful movies, the versatile star now has his pick of writing and directing projects. But what he really wants to talk about is science.  More

The New Urban Hermit

By: Jack El-Hai

What does it mean to seek the contemplative life in a modern and increasingly connected world?  More

Hormone Therapy Is Back

By: Julie Steenhuysen

Remember when all menopausal women were taking hormones, and then suddenly none were? Today, a new consensus is emerging that for some, the benefits of the treatment may very well outweigh the risks.  More

To Boldly Return

By: Jeanne Wolf

The 12th (that’s right, 12th!) film based on the iconic ’60s TV show Star Trek was released in 2013. What is it about this never-ending story that keeps us coming back for more?  More

Paris in the Twenties

By: Elizabeth Benedict

Fiction: A young woman struggles to find peace as the world she knew begins to unravel around her.  More


Stuck in the Internet Slow Lane

By: David Cay Johnston

Thanks to the telephone industry, Americans pay more to get poorer Web speed and service than citizens of nearly every other industrialized nation.  More

The New No-Car Garage

By: Philip Gulley

Where is a guy supposed to find space to stash all the useful stuff he’s collected over the years?  More

5-Minute Fitness: Planks for Core Strength

By: Wendy Braun

Get stronger and stay motivated with simple moves designed for busy lifestyles.  More

Tricolor Salad with White Beans and Parmesan
Ellie’s 5-Minute Salad: Tricolor Salad 
with White Beans and Parmesan

By: Ellie Krieger

This trio of lettuces is a whole lot of goodness for very little effort.  More

Insidious Power Drains

By: Jeff Bertolucci

You can switch to high-efficiency light bulbs, but that’s only half the battle. Americans spend a huge chunk of our energy bill on tech gear we’re not even using. Here’s how to stop the bleeding.  More

The Teacher Who Listened

By: Chris Benguhe

Meet the amazing teacher who stopped a high school massacre.  More

Redheads Rule!

By: Marcy Kennedy Knight

When Rockwell painted this May 26, 1945, cover, Homecoming G.I., redhead Ardis Edgerton was at its center, but the painter didn’t stop there. He also turned every one of the central characters into redheads.  More