May/June 2016 cover

In This Issue: We celebrate the 100th anniversary of Norman Rockwell’s first Post cover; show how much birds give us besides colorful feathers and pretty songs; talk with Garrison Keillor about life after A Prairie Home Companion; explore the history and controversy of Mother’s Day; take a closer look at the sometimes disturbing, sometimes hysterical trend of writing one’s own obituary; and much more.

On the cover: This issue’s cover features Norman Rockwell’s Boy with Baby Carriage — his first of 322 Post cover illustrations — 100 years after it was originally published.

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Norman Rockwell's painting, "Sayaing Grace"

Rockwell Rising

By: Steven Slon

The Post‘s most beloved illustrator has long been admired as a skilled storyteller and an exquisite craftsman, but only in the past few decades has he come to be appreciated as the visionary artist that he truly was.  More

Norman Rockwell and the Post: A Fruitful Relationship

By: Abigail Rockwell

How the Post empowered Norman Rockwell’s creative growth and expression.  More


‘Why I Paint the Way I Paint’

By: Norman Rockwell

In this excerpt from his 1960 autobiography, My Adventures as an Illustrator, Rockwell offers a fascinating and utterly candid glimpse of his life and work  More

Garrison Keillor

Garrison Keillor

By: Jeanne Wolf

On stepping down from A Prairie Home Companion and what comes next.  More

What Do Birds Do For Us?

By: Barry Yeoman

Birds are pretty, sure, but increasing scientific evidence reveals that life would be pretty tough without them.  More


The Bull

By: Valerie Trueblood

Encircled by 6,000 houses, Severn Hatch’s farm made a statement: “I won’t sell”  More


Web Exclusive: The Vault

Marilyn Monroe
The New Marilyn Monroe

By: Post Editors

In 1956, Post editor Pete Martin wrote a surprisingly candid report on the Hollywood icon. He reveals things about the phenomenal blonde that even Marilyn herself didn’t know.  More

Web Exclusive: Food

Curtis Stone
Curtis Stone: Speaking Out for National Young Farmers Coalition

By: Patrick Perry

To raise awareness about the challenges young farmers face, Chef Curtis Stone is partnering with a new organization created by and for young farmers in the United States.  More


Anna Jarvis
The Woman Behind Mother’s Day

By: Katharine Lane Antolini

For Anna Jarvis, a holiday devoted to moms was not sentimental fluff but a practical exercise in patriotism.  More

From the Archive

A mother handing her son a glass of lemonade
A Woman’s Work …

By: Post Editors

An ode to the ’50s housewife.  More

My Word

X-ray scan of a hip; a replacement joint is highlighted.
A New Hip

By: Lawrence Grobel

There are 330,000 hip replacement surgeries in the U.S. each year, and the majority of people who undergo this operation sing its praises after a few months. But it’s not something you jump into.  More


Curtis Stone’s Farmers Market Recipes Are Simply Fresh

By: Post Editors

Chef Curtis Stone offers tips for getting the most out of your local farmers market.  More

Contrarian View

People Performing "the wave" at Baseball Game
Don’t Make Waves

By: Ed Dwyer

Our resident curmudgeon explains why he’s giving up the ballpark and enjoying this baseball season in the comfort of his own home.  More


Man on a boat
Stay the Course

By: Steven G. Blum

In developing an investment strategy, avoid the trap of trying to beat the market for short-term gains.  More

American Pop

Flowers at a gravesite
Putting the Fun in Funeral

By: Cable Neuhaus

Obituaries have gotten more comedic. And weird.  More


Man holding a cracked mobile phone
The DIY Smartphone Fix

By: Jeff Bertolucci

Weak battery? Cracked screen? There are a lot of repairs you can do yourself, but read this before you turn the first screw  More

Rockwell Files

The Shiner by Norman Rockwell
How a Classified Ad Brought Rockwell Two Black Eyes

By: Jeff Nilsson

Rockwell gives the schoolyard dust-up a then-modern twist by painting a girl combatant. But as he worked on the cover illustration, Rockwell found himself in a jam.  More

Celebrity Profile

Ben Kingsley
3 Questions for Ben Kingsley

By: Jeanne Wolf

The chameleon-like Actor describes how he “leaps” into his roles.  More

5-Minute Fitness

Allana Zabel demonstrating shoulder stretches
5-Minute Fitness: Stretch Away Stress

By: Post Editors

Reduce tensions with this quick tip from fitness instructor Alanna Zabel.  More

Lighter Side

A Bride and Groom
Marriage Season

By: Philip Gulley

How did June get to be the wedding month when February would clearly be superior?  More

Vintage Advertising

Scary Giant Finds His Gentler Side

By: Post Editors

How an advertising executive turned a nightmarish brand mascot into the downright lovable Jolly Green Giant.  More