Cat and dog looking at fireplace

In This Issue:

  • Holiday Special Report: How Prayer Unites Us
  • Billy Graham on Angels
  • Scrumptious, Guilt-free Christmas Treats
  • Tech Gifts Under $100
  • Holiday Angst, A History
  • White Child, Black Nanny: A Tale of Devotion by Sally Mann

On the cover: Dog and Cat Wait for Santa by Paul Bransom was originally published on The Country Gentleman, December 23, 1916.

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Author David McCullough at his typewriter

An Interview with David McCullough

By: Jeanne Wolf

The bestselling historian on the Wright brothers, writing, and the vital need for each new generation to learn the powerful lessons of our past.  More

Orville and Wilbur fly the Wright Flyer

Up in the Air: When the Wright Brothers Learned to Fly

By: Howard Mingos

Meet innovators of American aviation: the Wright brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Samuel Pierpont Langley, Joan Merriam, and more.  More

People praying

The Power of Prayer

By: Ellen Michaud

Communal worship is a joyous experience that can take us to higher ground.  More

Man repairing stained glass in a cathedrial

Evidence of Angels

By: Billy Graham

Could it be that we are not alone?  More

Gee-Gee and Sally Mann as a baby

White Child, Black Nanny

By: Sally Mann

One side of the fundamental paradox of the old South was that a white elite, determined to segregate the two races in public, based their domestic arrangements on an erasure of that segregation in private.  More

George Hodgman

Help Unwanted

By: George Hodgman

The idea was to introduce my mother to Tiger Place, an upscale assisted living facility nearby, but she reacted as if I were selling her into slavery.  More

Man Walking Up Ladder to Happiness

Opening the Door to Happiness

By: Jeffrey A. Lieberman, M.D.

For the first time in its long and often notorious history, psychiatry now offers scientific, humane, and effective treatments to those suffering from mental illness, says the former president of the American Psychiatric Association.  More

Hand holding toy airplane on a string

Business Class

By: John M. Floyd

A Christmas Eve business trip ends with a revelation. New fiction by John M. Floyd.  More


The Argument

A mule on a ranch
You Can Learn a Lot from a Mule

By: John Hauer

A rancher suggests humans would do well to follow the equine example.  More

American Pop

Marilyn Monroe
Authentic Beauty

By: Cable Neuhaus

Women today are increasingly focusing on feeling comfortable and looking natural, rather than rising to artificial standards established by others.  More

Lighter Side

Two Men Armwrestling
Grandpa Wars

By: Philip Gulley

You have to expect the fierce rivalry over a tot’s affections to heat up at Christmastime.  More

My Word

Tuscany road signs
Lost and Found

By: Todd Pitock

A hapless tour guide inspires a lesson in forgiveness.  More

Celebrity Profile

Jeanne Wolf with Dennis Quaid
3 Questions for Dennis Quaid

By: Jeanne Wolf

West Coast editor Jeanne Wolf interviews actor Dennis Quaid.  More

Contrarian View

Santa Wearing Headphones
In Defense of Christmas Music

By: Bob Sassone

“I don’t mind a bit if holiday music starts one minute after the last piece of Halloween candy is given out and ends on New Year’s Day.”  More

Your Health

Woman stretching on chair
5-Minute Fitness: Rapid Refresh

By: Sadie Lincoln

Energize in under a minute with Barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln’s simple move. All you need is a chair.  More


blueberry muffins
Healthy Indulgences

By: Ellie Krieger

Holiday food gifts don’t have to be bad for you, says the celebrity chef.  More


Business Men Standing on Gold Coins
Become a Better Investor

By: Steven G. Blum

One key economic principle stands out among all others. Learn it, and profit.  More


wrapped present
8 Tech Gifts Under $100

By: Jeff Bertolucci

It’s far too easy to splurge on tech gifts. But why break the bank this year?  More

Back Story

Puritan couple in the woods
Your Holiday Angst Is America’s Oldest Tradition

By: Joanna Brooks

The Puritans may have feasted on Thanksgiving, but most colonists didn’t feel so terribly grateful.  More

Rockwell Files

Boy with axe being chased by turkey
Cousin Reginald

By: Patrick Perry

Between 1917 and 1922, Norman Rockwell created a series of covers depicting the misadventures of a city slicker named Reginald Claude Fitzhugh, who repeatedly fell victim to the antics of his country cousins.  More

Editor's Letter

Cat and dog looking at fireplace
The World According to Moe

By: Steven Slon

Instead of attempting to base education on obsessive testing, we should encourage teachers to do what humans have done since the time of Homer: talk, sing, recite!  More