September/October 2013

In this issue: Glean “History Lessons” from Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and biographer David McCullough; get the inside story from Navy SEAL Rorke Denver on “Hell Week”—the final, brutal week of SEAL training; and gain awareness and insight from mindfulness expert Mark Matousek’s “Time Out!”

Cover illustration by John Jay Cabuay.


Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

By: Jeanne Wolf

After rocketing to prominence as the wheelchair-bound Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump, the actor suddenly found himself a leading advocate for wounded vets. Nearly 20 years later, his focus on the cause has only grown stronger. ... More


Time Out!

By: Mark Matousek

The once-foreign concept of “mindfulness” is sweeping across our stressed-out land like a great breath of fresh air. ... More

Hell Week

Hell Week

By: Rorke Denver

In the second decade of America’s war on terror, conventional military methods just aren’t getting it done anymore. Sometimes the answer is drones. But more often, the response is: “Send in the SEALs.” ... More

Male Breast Cancer

‘My Pink Ribbon’

By: David E. Sumner

October brings a media barrage about “breast cancer awareness.” However, most people don’t know that men can get breast cancer too. Here is one man’s story. ... More

Hudson River Valley

Gorgeous Hudson River Valley

By: Edward Readicker-Henderson

American nature tourism—and an art revolution—began with the Hudson River school. Today the lush scenery that inspired so many artists is nearly as pristine as it was 175 years ago. ... More

In the Picture

In the Picture

By: Richard Rayner

Evil lurks just beneath the surface in this new fiction by Richard Rayner. When art gallerist Larry Hogarth finds a painting worth $25,000, he’s sure his financial problems are solved. Little does he know—his problems have only just begun. ... More

Schools in Crisis

Special Report—Schools in Crisis

By: Post Editors

As children around the country head back to school, the Post examines the American education crisis as only America’s oldest magazine can. ... More


Lighter Side

Class Inaction
Class Inaction

By: Philip Gulley

In a time before lawyers and overly protective parents, problems at school seemed so much easier to solve. ... More


Apps for Eating Well
Apps for Eating Well

By: Post Editors

Here are the best free apps for keeping your menu choices healthy from the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and others. ... More

You Be the Judge

Vet Bills
Vet in the Dog House

By: Joan SerVaas

What happens when a pet owner pays to have her dog euthanized…and the dog is given away to someone else instead? ... More

Medical Update

woman stretching calf
5-Minute Fitness: Calf Raises for Leg Strength

By: Wendy Braun

Health and fitness coach Lani Muelrath recommends this two-part energizing exercise to stretch and strengthen your calf muscles. ... More

In The Magazine

Barbara Cororcan
3 Questions for Barbara Corcoran

By: Jeanne Wolf

The real estate queen and popular Shark Tank host talks money, ambition, and what it’s like to be part of a male-dominated cast. ... More


Autumn Gardening Bargains
Gardening Bargains

By: Jeff Yeager

Get the most garden for your green, with these money-saving tips from Jeff Yeager aka “The Green Cheapskate.” ... More


Mary McCartney's Plumb and Pear Crumble
Mary McCartney’s Just Desserts: Plum and Pear Crumble

By: Mary McCartney

This recipe packs a whopping fruity punch and is also very versatile. ... More


Diversifying Investments
Investing in Currencies

By: Russell Wild, MBA

Diversifying the dollar has never been easier–but be careful out there. ... More


How to Fix the ‘Soap Opera Effect’

By: Jeff Bertolucci

Today’s TVs can do a lot more than those of yesteryear. But, like many technical objects, they can be tricky to use. Here are some ways to tweak your flat screen to make your smart TV even smarter. ... More

People & Places

Recycling Cans
The Cans That Saved Choir

By: Chi Jasmine Jia

When my daughter’s school needed cash, my frugal, recycling Chinese parents showed me how to raise it. ... More

Clippings & Curiosities

Norman Rockwell © 1963 SEPS
John F. Kennedy, In Memoriam

By: Post Editors

As an entire country lay in mourning in 1963, the Post released a special tribute issue to the fallen president just weeks after his death. ... More

Classic Covers

The Rookie
Rockwell Files | The Rookie

By: Diana Denny

Sherman “Scotty” Safford—who posed as the up-and-coming pitcher for the Red Sox—shares the story of being discovered by Norman Rockwell. ... More