American Indians crossing a waterfall

In This Issue

  • Uber, Airbnb, and You: Who Profits in the Sharing Economy?
  • Brotherhood of the Bomb — 70 Years Ago in Los Alamos
  • That Takes Courage! Living Without TV
  • PLUS! Short Story by Elmore Leonard

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On the cover: Crossing Below the Falls by Howard Terpning © Terpning Family Limited Partnership, LLC, Courtesy of the Greenwich Workshop®, Inc.


Atomic bomb explosion during the Trinity test

The Birth of the Bomb

By: Shirley Streshinsky and Patricia Klaus

Inside the dedicated band of scientists who worked together in top secret to develop the world’s first nuclear weapon.  More

A hand holding a smartphone over a city grid

The Sharing Economy

By: Alex Press

Got a car, a spare bedroom, some rudimentary carpentry skills? Thanks to the smartphone, you can easily make some extra cash. But is this any way to earn a living?  More

An illustrated x-ray of an adult male

6 Megatrends in Healthcare

By: Ezekiel J. Emanuel

One of the architects of Obamacare explains why he believes the law will revolutionize the American medical system.  More

A Blackfoot Indian family at camp

A Modern Master of Western Art

By: Todd Wilkinson

Howard Terpning leads a distinguished pack of artists who are preserving the culture of Native Americans  More

Cowboy in profile

Best of the West

By: Post Editors

In the early part of the 20th century, the Post commissioned numerous illustrations that collectively helped define the American West for the rest of the country.  More

Two cowboys in a fight.

Moment of Vengeance

By: Elmore Leonard

What had started as a family quarrel was ending in gunfire…  More

Xray of a mouth

Why Won’t Your Dentist Take Health Insurance?

By: Olga Khazan

Since the beginning of time, dentistry and medicine have been considered inherently distinct practices. But as we learn more about how diseases that start in our mouths can ravage the rest of our bodies, it’s a separation that’s increasingly hard to rationalize  More


The Argument

Rebecca Castillo
Online Testing Doesn’t Work

By: Rebecca Castillo

Remember the days when computers were a passing fad and information was derived from dusty encyclopedias after hours of searching? Me neither. I was born in 1998. By the time I was 14, my teachers stopped asking if we had a computer and Internet available because they had become a necessity. By now, at age […]  More

American Pop

Man carrying a broken television
Tuning Out

By: Cable Neuhaus

A small but growing number of people are giving up TV, for good.  More

Lighter Side

My Years of Eating Dangerously

By: William Jeanes

In our home, good nutrition meant many things, lots of them fried  More

My Word

Deep pit in a pile of money

By: William McPherson

This Pulitzer Prize-winning author started life comfortably middle class. But now, like a lot of other people walking the streets of America today, he is poor. Here’s how it happened.  More

Celebrity Profile

Blythe Danner
3 Questions for Blythe Danner

By: Jeanne Wolf

The actress reflects on the importance of family and friends and the pleasures of single life for a “woman of a certain age”  More

Your Health

Woman rubbing sore neck
5-Minute Fitness: Posture Building Exercise

By: Mary Bond

Relax tight neck muscles with this daily exercise to improve posture.  More


A Shrimp Vegetable Pizza by Curtis Stone
For the Love of Pizza

By: Patrick Perry

Ditch delivery! Make your own at home, with a little help from Curtis Stone.  More


A witch looks into her crystal ball and shows her son financial futures
Something You Can Do For the Kids

By: Steven G. Blum

Helping a young person set up a Roth IRA can change their life.  More


A movie playing on a tablet PC
Stream On

By: Jeff Bertolucci

How to get the most out of Netlifx, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus.  More


Chris Trokey and son Porter pose with Dr. Michael Shannon
A Good Deed Rewarded

By: Chris Benguhe

In saving the baby’s life, little did he know that child would grow up to save his 30 years later.  More

Rockwell Files

Inside Job

By: Patrick Perry

Norman Rockwell’s unconventional approach to illustrating fiction.  More

Contrarian View

What’s Happened to Halloween

By: Ed Dwyer

Resident curmudgeon Ed Dwyer takes aim at the jack-o’-lanterned holiday  More