September/October 2016 cover

September/October 2016

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On the cover: Norman Rockwell’s Dewey v. Truman — first published October 30, 1948 — illustrates the family strife that can invade a household during a contentious election cycle.

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Bill Murray on a piano

Bill Murray Wants to Play

By: Gavin Edwards

The Navajo people had the mythological Coyote. The Norse had Loki. Twenty-first-century America has a renowned comedic actor turned philosopher clown  More


The Drug Epidemic That Is Killing Our Children

By: Sam Quinones

Parents who’ve lost children to opioid addiction are taking action, channeling their grief into getting the word out.  More

Heroin’s Devastation: A 100-Year-Old Problem That Won’t Go Away

By: Post Editors

The Post began reporting on the problems of drug addiction beginning in the 1800s, observing as early as 1872 that it afflicted “all classes of society, from the lady of Fifth Avenue to John Chinaman of Baxter Street.”  More


Something Wild: An Adventure in Foraging

By: Andrea Cooper

Foraging for food is as satisfying to the soul as it is to the belly  More


Would You Like Weeds with That?

By: Post Editors

In 1964, the Post joined outdoorsman Euell Gibbons as he foraged wild foods for lunch near his farm in Pennsylvania.  More

Man holding acorns picked from the forest floor

Finders Keepers: Foraging Tips for Beginners

By: Andrea Cooper

Want to pick up some “wild” eating habits? Notable foraging experts offer tips on how to get started.  More

Foraging Classes and Tours

By: Andrea Cooper

Find foraging experts across the U.S. to guide you through a wild food adventure.  More

stormy sea

Storm-chasing on Vancouver Island

By: Todd Pitock

Between October and early March, 10 to 15 fierce tempests a month gather and roll across the Pacific, unimpeded by any landmass until they crash on the shores here. For some, this makes for perfect beach weather  More


The Argument

Broken pencil on school test
The Problem with Testing

By: Anya Kamenetz

Your child is more than a score. Here’s what one parent and researcher learned about the standardized assessments administered to students, teachers, and schools.  More

Lighter Side

Kids boarding a school bus
Back to School

By: Philip Gulley

There is a grimness to education these days, with legislators daily checking its pulse, scanning for tumors, and examining its entrails  More

American Pop

The Short-Is-Swell Movement in Digital Communication

By: Cable Neuhaus

In the digital age, communication is briefer and faster, but is it better?  More

Contrarian View

Put Away Your Smartphone

By: Devra Lee Fishman

Resident curmudgeon Devra Lee Fishman advises vacationers to put down their smartphones and enjoy the view.  More

Celebrity Profile

Allison Janney
3 Questions for Allison Janney

By: Jeanne Wolf

Offscreen, the actress known for rude, crude characters is painfully shy.  More

New Books

Used books in a bookstore
Top Nonfiction Reads for 2016

By: Jesika St Clair editors’ nonfiction picks for Post readers.  More

New Books

Top Fiction Reads for 2016

By: Post Editors editors’ top picks for Post readers.  More

Your Health

5-Minute Fitness: Pilates for Posture

By: Wendy Braun

Strengthen the back of your body to reposition rounded shoulders and ease lower back pain.  More



By: Ellie Krieger

Putting home-cooked food on the table just got easier with tips from chef Ellie Krieger  More

Web Exclusive: Food

Asian Shrimp Cakes with Avacado Dipping Sauce
Ellie Krieger’s Asian Shrimp Cakes with Avocado Wasabi Sauce

By: Ellie Krieger

Served as a main course or as a pass-around dish at a party, these panko-crusted shrimp cakes are positively ambrosial.  More


The Politics of Rage

By: Steven Slon

Voters are angry today. But where does reasonable anger at bad luck or circumstance end and irrational hatred begin?  More

Web Exclusive: Backstory

Thomas Dewey
Anyone Can Be President — Unless He Has a Mustache

By: Christopher Oldstone-Moore

As the whiskered Thomas Dewey learned in his race against Harry Truman, only the clean shaven occupy the White House.  More


Cover Gallery: Voting in America

By: Post Editors

Every four years, Post cover artists have another chance to capture the nation’s fascination with presidential politics. Here are some of the best from our archive.  More

Rockwell Files

Teacher’s Pets

By: Jeff Nilsson

This cover inspired numerous letters to the editors, including one from Laura R. Jones, of Atlanta, who wrote that she had known a moment just like this.  More

Vintage Ads

Puppet Pitchman

By: Post Editors

An upstart medical company took its advertising in a whimsical direction.  More

The Vault

Elizabeth Taylor
The Taming of Liz Taylor

By: Russell Braddon

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton appeared as feuding spouses in 1965’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” A year later, they were back at it, filming “The Taming of the Shrew.” Frequently, their quarreling spilled over into real life.  More