Norman Perceval Rockwell

Norman Perceval Rockwell (February 3, 1894- November 8, 1978)

“I showed the America I knew and observed to others who might not have noticed.”


Artist, Painter, Portraitist, Illustrator (The Saturday Evening Post, Look Magazine, Boy’s Life, Life Magazine, Country Gentleman, Literary Digest, St. Nicholas Magazine, book illustrations, Leslie’s Weekly, Judge, Peoples Popular Monthly, Presidential Portraits, Album Covers), Artist-in-residence at The Otis College of Art and Design


Chase Art School, National Academy of Design, Art Students’ League, Otis College of Art and Design

Studio Work:

Personal studio with cartoonist Clyde Forsythe in New Rochelle, New York; famous home studios in Arlington, Virginia and Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Art Genre/Grouping:

American Art, “Golden Age of Illustration”

Marital Status:

Irene O’Connor, 1916-1929; Mary Barstow 1930-1959; Molly Punderson 1961-1978

Where is his art now?

The Norman Rockwell Museum: The Stockbridge Historical Society, University of North Texas Libraries, National Museum of American Illustration, The Saturday Evening Post Society, and various private collections


The Saturday Evening Post’s most prolific artist and illustrator, Norman Perceval Rockwell, sustained a healthy art career spanning most of the twentieth century. His art captured the simplest of moments, providing profound insight into the interactions of man. Not only is he famous to the Post’s readership, he is arguably the greatest American artist of all time.

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