Vintage Advertising: Selling Luxury

Beginning in the late 1920s, the Packard Motor Company ran a series of colorful ads in the Post that displayed not only the car but the glamorous life associated with it. ... More

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Puppet Pitchman

An upstart medical company took its advertising in a whimsical direction.... More

Vintage Auto Ads: Cadillac

Long before the Cadillac Motor Company was known for making the luxury cars that embodied American opulence, the company was known for its exceptional engineering.... More

Vintage Auto Ads: Oldsmobile

See how the Oldsmobile changed. From the company’s beginning to its end, the automaker published ads in The Saturday Evening Post for nearly 100 years.... More

Vintage Auto Ads: Chrysler

From fuselage style to the introduction of the Hemi, Chrysler was an innovator throughout the 20th century. Gorgeous Chrysler car ads from the pages of... More

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