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Daddy Cleveland

The Long Tradition of the Smear Campaign

We had a respectable election once, and the winner was George Washington. In a 1976 article, Jack Anderson pointed out that when the next election came around, the gloves were off and tar buckets filled. More

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Illustration by Brian Stauffer
Fixing Our Healthcare System

We spend more money per patient than any other country, yet we are less healthy by far. How did our healthcare system become such a More

A Turning Point in the Solomons

Guadalcanal held nothing but "mud, coconuts, and malaria mosquitoes" and a precious airfield. Here, the U.S. finally regained the offensive in the Pacific War. More

The U.S. Supreme Court moved to Washington D.C. in 1800.
Judging the Supreme Court

One hundred years ago, a Saturday Evening Post article questioned the privileges and powers we grant the judicial branch of the U.S. government. More

The Vast Wasteland

Television programming had never been worse. The quality of TV shows had been declining for years, but now it had reached an intolerable level. The More

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