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Immigrants taking the oath of citizenship

Are You Smart Enough to Be a Citizen?

In 1946, a Post report proclaimed that the complexities of modern life required a better educated citizenry. The world has only gotten more complicated, but have we gotten any smarter?  More

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Ben Franklin reading a book
Ben Franklin Used Fake News

The term “fake news” may be new, but the concept isn’t. Politicians have long been the perpetrators — and the victims — of phony information. More

Long Live the Landline

Once, the land line telephone was our primary link to the outside world, and between calls (which was most of the time), we were blissfully More

Let’s Forget the First Amendment

Since the election, protests have risen sharply, as have efforts to quell them. This 1967 Post editorial shows there are many parallels between then and More

Edith Wharton: War Reporter?

Many would be surprised to find out that the author who was best known for writing about America’s privileged classes not only worked tirelessly to More

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