Norman Rockwell

Joseph Csatari and Norman Rockwell in Rockwell's art studio

The Illustrator’s Apprentice

As a young artist, Joseph Csatari was in awe of Norman Rockwell, at first copying him and later working for him before taking off to establish his own bona fides in American illustration.... More

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Teacher’s Pets

This cover inspired numerous letters to the editors, including one from Laura R. Jones, of Atlanta, who wrote that she had known a moment just... More

A Rockwell Father’s Day

Pack up the car and fire up the grill, but before you leave to celebrate the dad or dads in your life out in this... More

Early Rockwell Models

Norman Rockwell did Post covers from 1916 to 1963 — a remarkable 47 years. Who were the folks on his first generation of covers?... More

Norman Rockwell's painting, "Sayaing Grace"
Rockwell Rising

The Post's most beloved illustrator has long been admired as a skilled storyteller and an exquisite craftsman, but only in the past few decades has... More

‘Why I Paint the Way I Paint’

In this excerpt from his 1960 autobiography, My Adventures as an Illustrator, Rockwell offers a fascinating and utterly candid glimpse of his life and work... More

Boy with axe being chased by turkey
Cousin Reginald

Between 1917 and 1922, Norman Rockwell created a series of covers depicting the misadventures of a city slicker named Reginald Claude Fitzhugh, who repeatedly fell... More

Inside Job

Norman Rockwell's unconventional approach to illustrating fiction.... More

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