Norman Rockwell


Rockwell in the 1950s – Part III of III

A teacher, a soda jerk and a United States president (whose own painting attempts were "terrible" according to the artist)—the 1950s Post boasted some of Rockwell's finest efforts.... More

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Rockwell’s Silly Side

Norman Rockwell had a terrific sense of humor, as reflected in some of his most famous Post covers. Join us in a look at the... More

Flirting With Norman Rockwell

Rockwell loved flirts. He must have, because he painted enough of them. Our flirtatious folks span the decades from 1917 to 1960 - an... More

Be Very Afraid…

A large shadow lurks…a cat screeches…and is that a ghoul or just the crazy neighbor trying to scare us? Halloween covers through the years have... More

Classic Covers: Dogs Hate School!

If there’s anything I’ve learned from studying hundreds of magazine covers for the Post and Country Gentleman, a sister publication, it is that dogs hate... More

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