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Communism & Hollywood

October 23, 1946: Congress challenges Hollywood’s loyalty, and an American Communist makes a discovery. More

Obama Wins Nobel for Peace

For the third time in its history, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded its Peace Prize to an American president in office. What are your thoughts More

Googling the Computer Revolution

One reason we rely so heavily on computers for information is the search-engine company: Google, Inc., which turns 11 years old on September 15th. More

The History of the Pullman Car

The appearance of the Pullman sleeper car wrought changes affecting American business, social class, labor unions, and race relations over the years. More

Edward Moore Kennedy: 1932-2009

He was belittled for his family connections, his good looks, his privileged upbringing, and, of course, for several occasions of bad judgment as an adult. More

Eunice Kennedy Shriver 1921-2009

She merited a eulogy all her own. Her lifetime of advocacy for those with special needs—the mentally retarded—earned her a reputation far beyond the coincidental More

Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth: The Homely Hero

The Babe's records are well-known, but his over-sized personality has been flattened over the decades. The picture doesn’t do him justice. More

Have You Seen Me?

His rise in New York politics surprised many, but his departure was even more stunning. August 6, 1930, he left friends on the sidewalk outside More

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