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Seed Sources We Love

Sure, you could wait until spring and buy plants, but few things are more satisfying than growing plants from seed. Check out our favorite seed More

March Gardening Tips

Get ready to “dig” in and prepare for those early plantings of potatoes, peas, and strawberries, as well as roses, ornamental bushes and trees. More

Beyond Daffodils

Last call for Northerners! Plus, check out 6 "out-of-the-box" bulbs to jazz up your spring garden. More

Winter HOME Work

Before Old Man Winter comes a knockin', be sure to check off the following home, yard, and garden chores. Or else ... More

Saving Your Summer Bulbs

A few ground rules will help your bulbs survive harsh winter weather: dig them up; store them over the winter; and replant them next spring. More

Save the Seed!

If you didn’t use up all of the garden seed you bought this year, why not store them for next year? Seeds of some plants More

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