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Tomato Time

For most of the northern part of the United States, Memorial Day marks the date when tomatoes can be safely planted to avoid frost. Learn how to grow tomatoes to their full potential.  More

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A Merry Month for Gardening

“All things seem possible in May,” someone said, and that’s a good way to approach May gardening chores. You still have time to give your More

The Green Bean Backgrounder

Gardeners, don’t get in too big a rush to get your green bean seeds in the ground. Learn the important differences between bush and pole More

Fertilizing Your Garden

What you feed your plants can make a mighty difference when you come to harvest your vegetables and flowers. And spring is the time to More

Ornamental Grasses
Ornamental Grasses

Early spring is the time to plant ornamental grasses as well as to prune back last year’s growth of established clumps so that new shoots More

New Potatoes by June

One of the joys of country living is the harvesting and eating of delectable new potatoes in spring. The tender, succulent tubers only 1¼-inch in More

Attract Songbirds to your Garden
Attract Songbirds to your Garden

Summer is the perfect time for entertaining, especially for our feathered friends. So as you plan new landscaping this spring, keep the birds in mind More

Get Going in the Garden!
Get Going in the Garden!

Late February is not the time for gardeners to recline in their favorite easy chair beside the wood stove. Spring is waiting in the wings More

Early Bird Planting
Early Bird Planting

The early bird gets the worm they say; and for garden lovers, the early seed planter gets the flowers. Some flowering plants require early planting, More

Living Works of Art

You don’t have to be a master gardener to appreciate—and enjoy—the ancient craft of espalier. It’s a centuries-old horticultural technique with roots as far back More

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