Mom's Sauce

Sunday Gravy

This classic Italian-American dish is the perfect antidote for a chill winter’s day. More

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Soba Noodles with Kimchi
Vegan, Reduced Sodium Kimchi Recipe

Make vegan, reduced sodium kimchi in three days! This spicy fermented condiment zings up grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, buckwheat noodles, and more—plus, it's good for More

Soba Noodles with Kimchi
Soba Noodles with Kimchi

Japanese buckwheat noodles take a red-hot punch from spicy Korean-pickled cabbage. Serve it up at your next dinner party or as a delicious meal for More

Mushroom and Walnut Pate
Vegan Walnut Mushroom Pâté

Seduce gourmands with this posh pâté made of porcini, crimini, and white mushrooms. Ground walnuts bring the creamy richness essential to the French cookery while More

Caramel-Pear Pie from Baking By Hand: Make the Best Artisanal Breads and Pastries Better Without a Mixer by Andy and Jackie King.
Pear-Caramel Pie

A wonderfully comforting fall and winter pie. Pears spiced lightly with cinnamon and ginger are made all the richer by brown sugar and homemade caramel. More

3-2-1 Pie Dough
3-2-1 Pie Dough

The easiest pie dough recipe you'll find. It works for pies both sweet and savory—and it's as easy to remember as it is to produce. More

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