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Regis and Joy Philbin
Regis on Heart Health

The legendary talk show host and his wife, Joy, talk to the Post about heart health, the Take Cholesterol to Heart campaign, and “Is that More

Sleeping woman
4 Sly Sleep Tips

Drift into dreamland and wake up energized with these offbeat yet science-backed strategies.  More

College student studying
The Memory Secret

Want to make things stick? Don’t grind it out. The latest science points to a more relaxed approach to learning. More

Man Walking Up Ladder to Happiness
Opening the Door to Happiness

For the first time in its long and often notorious history, psychiatry now offers scientific, humane, and effective treatments to those suffering from mental illness, More

Time Out!

The once-foreign concept of “mindfulness” is sweeping across our stressed-out land like a great breath of fresh air. More

illustration of man holding feather
Simple: Less Is More

In the modern world, we've let complexity get the best of us. Here's why the easy way is often the smarter way. More

Practicing Mindfulness

Jon Kabat-Zinn explains why this ancient philosophy has become so popular and leads Google employees through a meditation session. More

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