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Energy in Medicine

Energy powers our cities, cools our homes, and cooks our food. But did you know that it can track cancer and help kids hear again? More

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Atrial Fibrillation

A "cool" new therapy puts the brakes on fast heartbeats. Read more about it from leading heart expert and Mayo Clinic professor Dr. Douglas Packer. More

The Mysterious Sense of Smell

“Of all the senses, smell remains perhaps the most mysterious,” says best-selling author and popular TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz in the latest issue of More

Heart Attack Risk
Heart Attack Risk

Q: I have angina, and some of my arteries are blocked. What are my chances of having a heart attack, and can a prescription drug More

Gout: New Therapy Guidelines
Gout: New Therapy Guidelines

Recent medical findings show that 
lower doses of prescription colchicine treat gout just as well as the higher amounts used in past years—and with fewer More

What Happened to Armour Thyroid?
What Happened to Armour Thyroid?

Armour thyroid, a natural hormone 
replacement for those suffering from 
hypothyroidism, is currently unavailable because of a shortage of its active 
ingredient (dried pig tissue More

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