Medical Update


Natural Cold Remedies

Sidestep colds and dodge potential drug side effects with science-based therapies that don’t require a prescription. ... More

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Winter Clothes
What to Wear This Winter

Dress right for walking in the snow, skiing, or snowboarding by wearing layers of clothing that help you stay warm and don't fit too tight.... More

Sister Mary and Sister Catherine
Daily Dialysis Goes Home

Portable blood filtering units for use at home are helping more people live better with chronic kidney disease.... More

Brain Fitness

When autism or ADD strikes, a simple and drug-free therapy combining movement and sound may boost focus, speech, and coordination.... More

Medical Foods
Medical Foods for Health

Medical foods go beyond simple diet changes and are gaining ground around the world as stand-alone or add-on therapies for health.... More

Juvenile Arthritis

There's a good chance that kids will age out of junior joint problems, says rheumatologist Michael Blakely.... More

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