A Century of Mental Health

Mental Health America is celebrating its 100th anniversary —a remarkable legacy of one man who turned his personal struggle into a national movement. More

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The Future of Medicine is Now

Scientists continue to come up with ingenious and useful advances. Here are a few gee-whiz breakthroughs that are already helping us, or soon will. More

Autism: An Unexpected Life

A long-anticipated European vacation celebrating retirement was put on hold and replaced with a never-ending journey called autism. More

The Important Role of Recess

Taking a daily break in the school day of at least 15 minutes may promote overall health, academic, and social development in elementary school children. More

Stike Out Strokes
Stike Out Strokes

About 80 percent of all strokes are preventable. People with diabetes and those who have survived a stroke are especially vulnerable for a devastating “brain” More

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