Why We Need Germs

In the modern effort to eradicate disease, we pop antibiotics like candy, apply hand sanitizers with abandon, and gargle mouthwash by the gallon. But this carpet-bombing of germs takes a huge toll on good microbes More

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Bacteria Illustration
Poo Fighters

Transplanting beneficial microorganisms from a healthy intestinal tract into an ailing one can work miracles.  More

Natural Cold Remedies

Sidestep colds and dodge potential drug side effects with science-based therapies that don’t require a prescription.  More

Winter Clothes
What to Wear This Winter

Dress right for walking in the snow, skiing, or snowboarding by wearing layers of clothing that help you stay warm and don't fit too tight. More

Illustration by Shout
Placebo Power

As scientists find more medical conditions that respond to placebos just as well as to drugs and even surgery, they are gaining a healthy respect More

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