World War I

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To honor the centennial of World War I, We present a series of articles on the war, posted exactly 100 years after their publication.

In 1915, the magazine was eager to cover what it recognized would be a world-changing event. Over the next four years it commissioned writers to report on the war both in the Allied capitals and at the front lines. Very little of this material has been reprinted since its original publication a century ago.

War Planes

A New Threat: Civilians at Risk in World War I

In World War I, for the first time in history, even those civilians far from the battlefield faced grave danger from aerial bombardment. The Post asked readers to imagine what a future war on American More

More In World War I

Spies and Refugees

A WWI war correspondent disgusted by his Big Brother experience at a German hotel, leaves for England and witnesses a Belgian refugee’s desperate attempt to More

Is World War I Relevant?

Writing 100 years ago, a Post reporter describes challenges we still face in coming to terms with war and terror. More

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