Spoon of Medications

What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet?

It's easy to take way too much of four active ingredients found in hundreds of cold, cough, or allergy remedies. Protect your health with tips from our pharmacist.... More

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Glucosamine Sulfate
Glucosamine Guide

Find out what experts are saying about glucosamine sulfate, a supplement often prescribed to ease joint pain. ... More

Doctors Die, DNR
How Doctors Die

What’s unusual about medical professionals is not how much treatment they get when faced with a terminal illness—but how little.... More

Stack of boxes
End Clutter Now!

Sometimes the mess that seemingly won’t go away is a symptom of a deeper problem.... More

Hands planting tomato
Fear of Flowers

Minimize the allergens growing in your own backyard with green-thumb tactics from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.... More

Brain Hiccups
Brain Hiccups

Losing the car keys. Saying the wrong name. Missing an intended exit. Understanding how the mind works can help us avoid making (most of!)... More

Why We Need Germs

In the modern effort to eradicate disease, we pop antibiotics like candy, apply hand sanitizers with abandon, and gargle mouthwash by the gallon. But this... More

Bacteria Illustration
Poo Fighters

Transplanting beneficial microorganisms from a healthy intestinal tract into an ailing one can work miracles. ... More

Illustration by Shout
Placebo Power

As scientists find more medical conditions that respond to placebos just as well as to drugs and even surgery, they are gaining a healthy respect... More

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