The Post Investigates: Cancer Vaccines

Cancer researcher Patrick Hwu, M.D., likes to think of the body’s immune system as the armed forces in charge of homeland defense and of tumor cells as homegrown terrorists. When everything is going well, the... More

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Dr. Bob Arnot: Back in Action

A familiar face to millions of Americans, Dr. Bob Arnot is an award-winning medical correspondent, sports enthusiast, best-selling author, and physician. Throughout his busy career,... More

Joint Decisions: Hip Resurfacing

As cartilage wears thin over the years the ache of an arthritic joint can blossom into debilitating agony. A new hip surgery presents a promising... More

A New Type of Fiber

Food scientists want to set the record straight about carbohydrates—the food group made up of starches, sugar, and fiber.... More

Taking Charge of Diabetes

A new cookbook offers easy-to-prepare recipes to keep blood glucose levels and heart health in check. Try the Salad Greens with Hoisin-Plum Dressing or the... More

Cheers to Health!

Sitting down to eat his lunch at a neurological hospital in Lyon, France, where he was conducting research, Dr. Will Clower could hardly believe what... More

The Unforgettable Natalie Cole

Twenty-five years ago she overcame a drug addiction that put her career on hold and her life in jeopardy. Now she’s back on top, relying... More

The Healing Power of Energy
The Healing Power of Energy

Drawing from Eastern and Western therapies, a leading physician explores the role of energy medicine in achieving and maintaining health. I walk past the patient... More

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