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Taking Charge of Diabetes

A new cookbook offers easy-to-prepare recipes to keep blood glucose levels and heart health in check. Try the Salad Greens with Hoisin-Plum Dressing or the More

Cheers to Health!

Sitting down to eat his lunch at a neurological hospital in Lyon, France, where he was conducting research, Dr. Will Clower could hardly believe what More

The Unforgettable Natalie Cole

Twenty-five years ago she overcame a drug addiction that put her career on hold and her life in jeopardy. Now she’s back on top, relying More

The Healing Power of Energy
The Healing Power of Energy

Drawing from Eastern and Western therapies, a leading physician explores the role of energy medicine in achieving and maintaining health. I walk past the patient More

What Men with Diabetes Need to Know

A new campaign addresses often-overlooked issues affecting men with diabetes. Dealing with the day-to-day aspects of diabetes—blood glucose, nutri­tion, and lifestyle management—is a formidable challenge More

The Future of Medicine is Now

The inventor tinkering in a garage and coming up with a better mousetrap is a cherished American image. These days, that tinkering is likely to More

Autism: An Unexpected Life

A long-anticipated European vacation celebrating retirement was put on hold and replaced with a never-ending journey called autism. My husband, Tom, placed three letters on More

The Importance of Vaccines

As vaccine-preventable diseases have become rare, many no longer understand the value of immunizing their children. I was 1 year old in 1949 when polio More

Kitchen Tips
Kitchen Tips

Tips from the Kitchen Getting Garlic Smell off of Your Fingers Three words: salt, lemon, steel. One way to remove the odor is to rub More

Heading Off the Pain of Migraines

For the millions of Americans suffering from chronic migraines, the outlook for relief is better than it’s been in years. Debra BenAvram’s health woes kicked More

Pop a Grape Instead of a Pill
Pop a Grape Instead of a Pill

Grapes may be an antidote to high blood pressure caused by too much dietary salt. University of Michigan scientists put rats on high-sodium diets and More

Art’s Healing Powers

More than simply a statement of style, art can improve and enhance one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. On any given day, landscape artist Barbara More

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