Finger Balancing Stack of Minibooks


Those itty-bitty books you see at checkout counters started as novelty items but are fast becoming a serious business. More

More In Post-Its

Help Our Soldiers Overseas

Nothing is as welcome to Americans in military service as the knowledge that their families are safe, secure, and supported back home. More

National Humor Month

Any month that kicks off with a day dedicated to practical jokes is bound to be bursting with laughter and smiles. The calendar reserves most More

What Should I Read Next?

After an unusually busy month, I’m looking forward to starting a new book. Any suggestions? My recent reads for pleasure include Life of the Beloved, More

Who is Your Hero?

We’re looking for someone who’s making a difference. We don’t mean a sports star or film celebrity. Rather, is there someone in your community who More

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Try the following recipes from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service: All-Purpose Cleaner: *Apply baking soda to a damp sponge. *Wipe surface, then rinse with More

April Brings Baby Showers

A recent influx of first-time pregnancies in my circle of friends means that I have been playing a myriad of baby shower games! Now that More

Happy Holy Days!
Happy Holy Days!

Walking down a grocery store aisle filled with bags and boxes of Easter goodies, I overheard a teenager say to her older companion, “What is More

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