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Eat for Health

Your cholesterol may be creeping up, but research shows that eating foods fortified with plant sterols can help.... More

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Guinness Oatmeal Cake
Irish Guinness Oatmeal Cake

Serve up a slice of leprechaun luck on St. Patrick's Day or any special occasion with a Guinness-infused classic dessert that's straight from the Irish... More

Risk (A Verse)

It’s one thing to be careful to avoid a nasty fall, But apart from that, I must say, I’m not risk averse at all.... More

Help Our Soldiers Overseas

Nothing is as welcome to Americans in military service as the knowledge that their families are safe, secure, and supported back home.... More

National Humor Month

Any month that kicks off with a day dedicated to practical jokes is bound to be bursting with laughter and smiles. The calendar reserves most... More

What Should I Read Next?

After an unusually busy month, I’m looking forward to starting a new book. Any suggestions? My recent reads for pleasure include Life of the Beloved,... More

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