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Armchair General by Norman Rockwell, April 29,1949

Tuning In to WWII

Rockwell’s 'Armchair General' portrays the older generation's passion to stay current with war news and its frustrating isolation from the action overseas ... More

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The Homecoming by Norman Rockwell
The Homecoming

To create authenticity for the painting Christmas Homecoming, Norman Rockwell used family members, colleagues, and good friends as models.... More

The Rookie
The Rookie

Sherman “Scotty” Safford—who posed as the up-and-coming pitcher for the Red Sox—shares the story of being discovered by Norman Rockwell.... More

Plus-sized? Mary Doyle Keefe, who posed for this painting, was a petite woman in real life. Rockwell would apologize for painting her so large. (Norman Rockwell © 1943 SEPS)
Rosie the Riveter

Mary was a 19-year-old phone operator in Arlington, Vermont, when Rockwell called and asked if she wouldn’t mind posing for the soon-to-be iconic cover.... More

Redheads Rule!

When Rockwell painted this May 26, 1945, cover, Homecoming G.I., redhead Ardis Edgerton was at its center, but the painter didn’t stop there. He also... More

First Crocus
First Crocus

Fate certainly had other intentions for would-be farmer Gene Pelham.... More

Room at the Inn
Room at the Inn

During the Great Depression, Rockwell's illustrations helped lift the spirit of the nation.... More

Valentine Kiss

A tribute to his late ex-wife Irene, Norman Rockwell created Signpainter, the cover illustration for the February 9, 1935, Post. ... More

A Dream Come True

Rockwell's rural fantasies take flight in a 1935 painting that would later come to define him.... More

Head-scratcher: Was Rockwell stuck for ideas, or was there something more at play in this October 8, 1938, cover for the Post?
More Than Meets the Eye

Was Rockwell stuck for ideas, or was there something more at play in this October 8, 1938, cover for the Post?... More

Overnight Sensation

Appearing on a Saturday Evening Post cover could be a springboard to fame, and this Post cover features an eventual movie star.... More

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Escape Artist

Rockwell was a great talent spotter, but he couldn’t get one young painter to sit still for a portrait.... More

Ouija Does It

In 1919, Norman Rockwell found inspiration at his wife's alma mater.... More

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