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Jim Wood
Sway to Go!

After retirement, he found a new career as a cruise ship dance partner for unescorted ladies... More

George Hodgman
Help Unwanted

The idea was to introduce my mother to Tiger Place, an upscale assisted living facility nearby, but she reacted as if I were selling her... More

Gee-Gee and Sally Mann as a baby
White Child, Black Nanny

One side of the fundamental paradox of the old South was that a white elite, determined to segregate the two races in public, based their... More

An illustrated view of North America
The 50-States Club

Driven by patriotic (and sometimes quirky) goals, some of us just can't rest until we visit every state in the union. Meet 25 proud members.... More

Chief Iron Tail
Intimate Portraits of American Indians

19th-century photographer Gertrude Käsebier had the then-unheard-of notion to portray Native as individuals, not as caricatures. Her stunning results were not always appreciated... More

Honoring Our Heroes

An article from The Saturday Evening Post archive honoring U.S. soldiers on Memorial Day.... More

closeup of hair
Mane Distraction

The injustice of being cursed for a lifetime with hair that would never quite behave.... More

A boat called "Dora Mae"
Try, Try Again

Carl Miller’s lifelong dream was to be a commercial fisherman. And he wasn’t about to let a little thing like being paralyzed stop him from... More

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