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Jim Wood

Sway to Go!

After retirement, he found a new career as a cruise ship dance partner for unescorted ladies... More

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George Hodgman
Help Unwanted

The idea was to introduce my mother to Tiger Place, an upscale assisted living facility nearby, but she reacted as if I were selling her... More

Gee-Gee and Sally Mann as a baby
White Child, Black Nanny

One side of the fundamental paradox of the old South was that a white elite, determined to segregate the two races in public, based their... More

Snow Day
Snow Days

I liked snow as a kid because it got me out of school. I like it now because it gets me out of work.... More

Inspiration: The Gift of Life

As he plucked the unconscious child from the blazing inferno, little did he know that his gift of life would be repaid 20 years later.... More

Illustration by Jody Hewgill
Shirley MacLaine

As she joins the cast of Downton Abbey, the actor and sometime mystic speaks of love, laughter ... and when to quit yoga.... More

Karen Grimord with Sargeant Daniel Roman,
American Angel

A simple act of kindness blossomed into a mission to help wounded soldiers overseas.... More

A Different Hawaii

Four islands, 10 days. Our tour transports you to multiple magical worlds most tourists never see.... More

Treasuring Memories

If there’s an ideal time to bring a family tree to life, it’s during the holiday season.... More

Care Package
Soldier Care Packages

CBS News' Steve Hartman reports on Karen Grimord's extraordinary acts of charity to support wounded soldiers overseas.... More

The Blessing of Music
The Blessing of Music

Watch this joyful community as they pour into church, grab scores of Handel's Messiah, and celebrate the blessing of music.... More

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