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Cloud formation creating an angel
Her Own Private Angel

Most people, over the course of a lifetime, will experience things that challenge the scientific sense of what is real or possible ... More

The Politics of Rage

Voters are angry today. But where does reasonable anger at bad luck or circumstance end and irrational hatred begin? ... More

Broken pencil on school test
The Problem with Testing

Your child is more than a score. Here’s what one parent and researcher learned about the standardized assessments administered to students, teachers, and schools. ... More

What Do Birds Do For Us?

Birds are pretty, sure, but increasing scientific evidence reveals that life would be pretty tough without them.... More

X-ray scan of a hip; a replacement joint is highlighted.
A New Hip

There are 330,000 hip replacement surgeries in the U.S. each year, and the majority of people who undergo this operation sing its praises after a... More

People Performing "the wave" at Baseball Game
Don’t Make Waves

Our resident curmudgeon explains why he's giving up the ballpark and enjoying this baseball season in the comfort of his own home.... More

Colorful sunset at Snake River Overlook in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. (Dean Fikar/Shutterstock)
A Landscape So Powerful

The notion of preserving, rather than exploiting, great swaths of land for future generations was a novel concept 100 years ago. It took the passage... More

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