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Jailhouse Blues

Despite the noblest of intentions, America has become the world’s superpower of incarceration.... More

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Sean Penn stars as real-life gangster Mickey Cohen in Gangster Squad, which hits theaters in January 2012.
Mob Love

The classic toughs of the silver screen are ultimate individualists, who know no boundaries. It’s a formula impossible to resist.... More

Illustration by SHOUT
Jonathan Haidt

Bill Moyers interviews Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. Haidt’s article “America’s Painful Divide” was... More

Cast of NBC's Parenthood (photo courtesy NBC).
The New American Super-Family

Thanks in large part to the economy, a record number of adult children are moving back home. So are their grandparents. And, guess what? It’s... More

A network of electric “red cars” connected L.A., Orange, Ventura, San Bernadino, and Riverside counties then fell victim to Angelenos’ love of the automobile. (Photo courtesy Orange County Archives)
What Government Needs to Do

The stage is set for a renaissance in public transportation, says former chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Opinion by Jim Oberstar... More

Time for a Third Party?

With few exceptions, the U.S. has been a two-choice nation for most of its existence. Is it time for a change?... More

Are Sports Fans Happier?

Although those chicken wings may not be great for your waistline, new studies reveal that rooting passionately is good for your mind, body, and spirit.... More

The Organic Food Paradox

As consumers increasingly demand organic produce, and as massive industrial farms rise to meet their needs, will it spell the end of the family-run,... More

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