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A fortune teller with a stack of tarot cards

The Oracle’s Curse

“Just five seconds earlier, she had seemed too good to be true. He should have known there was something a little off, just waiting to reveal itself.”  More

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Doris might never have come to the island if it weren’t for Jack. But with her husband gone, will she stay on Catalina or return More

An open watch
The Eagle Watch

A retired naval engineer discovers that his passion for clock restoration could save his spouse’s life.  More

Woman Silhouette

“For reasons I would never be able to know, Daria hadn’t phoned a few hours, or even a few days, later.”  More

Lion statue
The Absence of Sound

A quiet man who works at the New York Public Library contemplates the space created by absences, both recent and in the past.  More

Hacker holding a phone

Poor, sweet, gullible Andrea. She’ll never even know what hit her. More

Dog behind a log bundle

In a small California community upset by wildfires and poverty, a four-legged hero comes to a family’s rescue in this heartwarming story by Terry Sanville. More

The Querulous Nightingale

At the end of the Greek Civil War, a World War II veteran-turned-spy is called back to D.C. and discovers that members of his team More

Closed door

Years of caring for a brother who won’t leave his room has driven Hattie to desperation. With hopes of urging him outside, she enlists the More

The Sea Children

“When the sea takes a man, sometimes it gives him back. … And sometimes it doesn’t give anything back at all.” More

Ice Out

A fan of crime fiction finds herself the prime suspect of a New Hampshire murder that took place in her small home town. More

A cabin during a blizzard
A Good Sport

Trapped in a warming cabin during a violent blizzard, a first responder must decide whether to help rescue a group of teenagers that vanished in More


Despite growing doubts over her long-distance relationship, a young woman moves in with her boyfriend’s mother after her New York City sublet falls through.  More

Bumblebee on a flower

A timid divorcee trades his gardening skills for a love potion and meets an attractive beekeeper.  More

Catcher's mitt in grass

A young skeptic asks God to bring back his Little League catcher’s mitt. And his prayers are answered — well, sort of.  More

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