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Old letters in a stack
Man of Letters

A succession of unread letters forces a father to examine the strained relationship he has with his son.  More

University Library
Open Times

Writing a presentation for third-year med students, something that will inspire some and scare off those who should be saved before they’re too far in More


Tired of paying too much for goods and services, a man resolves to start a bidding war on his front lawn. More

Baseball resting on home plate
Getting Home

How could Michael explain to his son that when you do nothing, bad things can happen, but also sometimes, even when you stand up and More

Failed marriage
Long Past Time

With the news of his ex-mother-in-law’s death, a man faces disturbing questions about his failed marriage to a woman who had always seemed a stranger. More

Artist in Residence

A Louisiana folk musician is uneasy around his nephew’s new teacher. How can a Northerner understand Creole traditions?  More

The Awkwards

Hector parlayed a gift for computing into a good yet unsatisfying gig at QVC. But just when he was ready to quit the television network, More


A chance encounter between an Iraq War vet and an Iraqi immigrant awakens painful memories. More

The Payback Present

“Payback may not be nice. It may not be pretty. But it certainly goes a long way toward evening the score. If I let Bubba More

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