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Bird Nerds Unite!

Nearly one in six Americans is a passionate bird-lover. Maybe it’s time to check out this grand (and rapidly growing) national obsession. ... More

Classic Covers: For the Birds

We’ve all been fascinated, even envious, of our feathered friends, and our cover artists have helped us our with our bird watching. From these beautiful nesting orioles to daunting birds of prey, Saturday Evening Post and Country Gentleman magazine covers run the gamut–and the seasons–of bird watching. Come fly with us! ... More

Notes from the Field: Gifts for the Gardener and more…

Forget the long lines and parking wars at the mall … instead, cultivate your own handmade presents for the gardener in your life. You’ll not only save a bushel, but these gifts from the heart show that you really care. Here are four ideas to get your creativity “growing”! ... More
Attract Songbirds to your Garden

Attract Songbirds to your Garden

Summer is the perfect time for entertaining, especially for our feathered friends. So as you plan new landscaping this spring, keep the birds in mind and add some “songbird plants” to your yard. The best choices are native species of trees and bushes. Native plants lure more native insects than do nonnative species, which in […] ... More