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Male Breast Cancer

‘My Pink Ribbon’

October brings a media barrage about “breast cancer awareness.” However, most people don’t know that men can get breast cancer too. Here is one man’s story.  More
Devra and Leslie

A Walk To Remember

Contributor Devra Lee Fishman participates in the Avon Walk each year, not only to raise money for a cure, but to stay connected to her lifelong friend.  More

Going it Alone

After a diagnosis of breast cancer at 39, this mother of two was devastated to learn that doctors expected her to make all key treatment decisions.  More
Marc Silver.

Helping Men Become Better Caregivers

For many families, caregiving duties automatically fall to women. According to an AARP study, most caregivers are female. But the same study showed that more men are starting to take on the caregiver’s role.  That’s good news on the gender equality front. But if things are getting fairer, there’s still progress to be made. And to […]  More
Soy, Flax, and Breast Cancer

Soy, Flax, and Breast Cancer

My breast cancer was estrogen receptor-positive. I’ve heard that eating soy and flax might cause a recurrence. But many cereals and vitamins contain soy, flax, or both, which really limits my food choices. Your help, please?  More
Breast Cancer: Better Test, Better Treatment

Breast Cancer: Better Test, Better Treatment

A new test called chromogenic in situ hybridization (CISH) looks for color changes in cancer cells to help identify — without ultra-expensive microscopes — those that are sensitive to certain therapies. Unlike other tests, it can be used on tissue samples stored in the lab. The Food and Drug Administration approved the CISH test last year, and biopsy test […]  More