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Cancer Patient Makeover

Face in the Mirror

In memory of her sister, Barbara MacLean founded Face in the Mirror to offer makeovers to cancer patients. In this video, patients tell how it has helped. ... More

Going it Alone

After a diagnosis of breast cancer at 39, this mother of two was devastated to learn that doctors expected her to make all key treatment decisions. ... More
Saturday Evening Post Editorial Director Steven Slon.

Distance Caregivers Aren’t Getting Help They Need

The very idea of caring for a family member in a different zip code—much less a different time zone—has little precedent. Go back 100 years and most extended families shared a single dwelling. At the most, grandma and grandpa lived across town. Today that’s all changed. The centrifugal forces propelling family members far and wide […] ... More

Miracle Seeker

Hoping for a cure—and hungry for spiritual nourishment­—a thoroughly modern woman makes a pilgrimage to the sacred grotto at Lourdes. ... More

Energy in Medicine

Energy powers our cities, cools our homes, and cooks our food. But did you know that it can track cancer and help kids hear again? ... More

Healthier by the Dozen

Some of your favorite foods can help you stay young and healthy. Ellie Krieger, registered dietician and host of Food Network’s Healthy Appetite, shares two full-flavored, rejuvenating recipes. ... More
Cancer Vaccines

Cancer Vaccines

I read the article about Dr. Hwu in the [September/October 2009] issue with great interest. I wish I had known about Dr. Hwu six years ago when my wife had a melanoma taken off her chest. She died in July of this year of melanoma in her liver, lungs, and spleen. If we had known […] ... More
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