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The History of Health and Medicine in America

As editor and publisher of The Saturday Evening Post magazine, Dr. Cory SerVaas brought a passion for health and prevention to the publication. A journalist and physician, Dr. Cory interviewed some of the world’s leading scientists, physicians, and researchers, translating complex material into easy-to-read and understand articles. You can read some of Dr. Cory fascinating […]  More

Six Tricks for Kids with Diabetes

Tricks (and treats) can help parents make sure that kids have fun, stay safe, and enjoy their Halloween candy—even when diabetes is a part of their lives. To make the most of the upcoming festivities, here’s a checklist from experts at Fit4D, a personalized diabetes coaching service:  More

New & Effective Psoriasis Drug

A new drug treats psoriasis in a novel way. At the close of a busy afternoon at his dermatology practice, Dr. Lebwohl, who was involved in the clinical testing of the new drug, discussed with us the promise (and potential drawbacks).  More

H1N1: Can You Minimize Your Risk?

Leading experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, and the Food and Drug Administration offer the following advice for fighting H1N1 and seasonal flus.  More

Diabetes: Foot Care

A new bathroom scale with illuminated mirrors may help people with diabetes rise to the challenge of managing the disease and avoiding its big time complications. Daily foot exams and meticulous foot care help detect and treat minor problems before they develop into major ones. The Insight Foot Care Scale allows for thorough and safe […]  More

Treating Epilepsy with New Technology

New Demipulse generators for certain hard-to-treat seizures are significantly smaller and lighter than earlier units and feature advanced technology to improve monitoring and programming of the devices. Vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) therapy, approved in 1997, does not involve brain therapy. The pulse generator is implanted under the skin in the upper chest and delivers intermittent […]  More
Walk Away Leg Pain

Walk Away Leg Pain

Intermittent claudication (cramping or pain caused by decreased blood flow to the lower leg muscles) is a common symptom in people with peripheral artery disease. Pain usually increases when the person walks, rather than when at rest. A new study from The Netherlands concludes that community-based walking programs offer an effective and cost efficient way […]  More
Breast Cancer: Better Test, Better Treatment

Breast Cancer: Better Test, Better Treatment

A new test called chromogenic in situ hybridization (CISH) looks for color changes in cancer cells to help identify — without ultra-expensive microscopes — those that are sensitive to certain therapies. Unlike other tests, it can be used on tissue samples stored in the lab. The Food and Drug Administration approved the CISH test last year, and biopsy test […]  More
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