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Illustration by Perrin


A young farm boy harbors a secret obsession in this short story by writer Nathan Poole. ... More
Illustration by Karen Donley-Hayes

Boat Show

Don Gibson wants a new boat. When he finally picks out the perfect one at a local boat show, he quickly realizes he’s in way over his head. Humorous new fiction from writer Jim Warne! ... More
Illustration of a lobster hugging a sign that reads "Hal's Chowder House."

The Bionic Lobster

When Big Hal’s 9-year-old twin sons claim a one-clawed lobster as their pet, the unusually large crustacean becomes a source of national attention–and chaos–for the small seaside town. ... More
Picture of author Timothy Tocher


The first in our New Fiction Friday series! Timothy Tocher (right) tells the tale of hopeful author Ernie: In a desperate attempt to put his novel on the map, Ernie crashes publishing’s biggest bash. And as misfortune would have it, he meets a very popular author who’s eager to help Ernie get exactly what he deserves. ... More
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