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The Boy in the Box

Regarding “The Boy In The Box”

Back in February, when “The Boy in the Box” was posted, a reader responded with the suggestion that the victim was homeless. This explained, he wrote, why the child lived and died without leaving any trace, “invisible, unknown, unrecorded, and un-missed.” Recently, another reader took exception to the first reader’s assumption. According to Katie Sneeds, […] ... More

Royal Deceiver

Of the many varieties of impostors, none gets more credulity more quickly than the fake aristocrat. Harry Prince-Michael-Romanoff Gerguson was one of the most successful. ... More

Have You Seen Me?

His rise in New York politics surprised many, but his departure was even more stunning. August 6, 1930, he left friends on the sidewalk outside a New York restaurant, entered a cab heading to the theater, and was never seen again. What happened to Judge Crater? ... More