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The Beach

Sarah rethinks the idea of settling for the Sailor after an evening of moonlight, crocodiles, and mangroves.  More

The Lunch

Will an invitation from the dripping-wet Viking mean a missed deadline for Sarah Rose?  More

The Viking

Still on the island, Sarah meets a 6-foot-3 smoking hot marine biologist bearing all the traits she’s been looking for.  More

The Merman

Sarah takes a break from dating in Manhattan and travels to a remote (and dangerous) tropical island.  More
Awkward moment

Three on a Match

For Sarah, experience has proved that first-time sex is unexceptional at best. Will things be different with her new partner?  More
Red Flag

The Shark

Past experience has taught Sarah that red flags often appear on second dates. Was she missing one now?  More
Grand Central Station

The Sailor

Sarah puts her trust in the mathematics of online dating, and a 99 percent match leads to an intimate moment in Grand Central Station.  More
Facebook Notifications

The Reporter

As Sarah and her date dissect their mutual disgust for friends who overshare on Facebook, she considers whether similar dislikes are the key to lasting romance.  More
Lottery Ticket

The Paper Man

Going on a date set up by a matchmaker is like playing a scratch-off lottery ticket — most likely you won’t win anything, but why not play?  More
The Cowboy

The Cowboy

When an invitation from a childhood chum takes an unexpected and somewhat creepy turn, Sarah finds herself questioning her commitment to courtship.  More
Shopping in a Pharmacy

The Test

As Sarah’s romance with the Magician continues, the Magician goes on the hunt for a much-needed test in the maze of a local pharmacy.  More
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