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Graduation hat and books

The Graduate

After dinner, a show, and a stop at a Middle Eastern hookah bar, Sarah finally gives in to her own Benjamin Braddock, aka the Magician. But how will their story end?  More
Young man and woman lying on a hotel bed. Source: Shutterstock.com/ © pio3

The Boondoggle

Sarah brings The Magician as her plus one to review a hotel and its Michelin-starred restaurant, and The Magician brings Sarah a little perspective.  More
Young woman annoyed with her date. Source: Shutterstock.com / © Rommel Canlas

The Patient

Sarah attempts another blind date, this time with a best-selling author who stiffs Sarah with a hefty tab and an uncomfortably long night.  More
Young woman bored while her date uses an iPad. Source: Shutterstock.com/ © Peter Bernik

Double Date

Sarah double books on her latest date night, only to find that an arguably successful evening still seems like a strike out.  More
Man in wet suit, wearing snorkel on a beach. Source: Shutterstock.com / juniart

The Praetorian Guard

New York has an endless supply of Praetorian Guardsmen, competitive collectors of wine or girlfriends or art. This one was a champion traveler, racking up trips like scout badges. I’d been dating him for years.  More
young couple flirting outside the woman's door

The Playwright, Again

I should have lighting-fast dating reflexes. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. This is my job, damnit. But I couldn’t figure him out…  More
Close up of a middle-aged male doctor. Source: Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia

The Doctor

The grand unified theory of matchmaking states: If someone else is the friend, you are the favor. I don’t care. I take referrals.  More
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