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Popularity is poisonous, Dad says, encouraging his son not to place too much worth in the admiration of people his own age. Instead, focus on earning the attention and approval of older men and women — especially older women.  More
A man talking to his wife.

The Difficulty of Marriage

Dad wonders if his son will fall on his face when he is married, but decides that marriage is really just another kind of job — the skills he has gained from one can transfer to the other.  More
A pile of money

Invest in Yourself

Now that his son has some money coming in, Dad offers his financial advice: Ignore the recommendations of bankers, the government, and businessmen to save your money. Spend it instead. Spending wisely is more difficult than saving wisely, but its rewards are much greater.  More

Second Job

Watching his son grow in his new job as a chauffeur, Dad gives his sage advice on how to study and deal with man’s most important problem: woman.  More

Being Fired

Dad remains unmoved by his son’s firing. It’s the war not the battle that counts most, he says, especially if you make a habit of shooting yourself in the foot.  More

A Rockwell Father’s Day

Pack up the car and fire up the grill, but before you leave to celebrate the dad or dads in your life out in this sticky summer weather, reminisce with these fictional fathers of a bygone decade by Norman Rockwell.  More
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Times Changing

Dad actually agrees with his son for once: Society has changed. However, some things never vary, like how Dad is powerless against his wife and daughter.  More
A gas station attendant at work

A Disappointing Job, Part Two

Dad continues to encourage his son to find the best in his humble job by expounding on the wisdom of Grover Cleveland, how to weed out good advice from malarkey, and why boring people are more interesting than his so-called friends.  More
graduate holding diploma leaning on globe

On Commencement

McEvoy starts his “Father Meets Son” series at the beginning of his son’s adult life: college graduation. As his son enters the real world, Dad doesn’t so much let him fly free as kick him out of the nest.  More
A father playing with his daughter.

The Daddy Factor

New studies suggest that fathers have more influence on their children’s social development, language skills, and emotional growth than once thought.  More
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