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Father’s Day Times Seventeen

Think you have a busy Father’s Day? Meet the Joachim family from our 1958 article, “How to Raise a Multitude.” Twelve girls and five boys made for an interesting household.  More

Classic Covers: Thornton Utz, A Salute to Dad

Dad slips up the stairs, only to find two angelic boys fast asleep in their beds. The “this is way too familiar” theme was typical of artist Thornton Utz. Admit it, you were supposed to be asleep a few times and pulled the little innocent “angel” routine when you were about to be caught.  More

Dad’s Night

When Dan, Jr. came home from school at noon, Mame was already beating the batter for Dan’s birthday cake. They had moved only that morning-boxes and washtubs, full of dishes and pots and pans and fruit jars, were still all over the kitchen floor, waiting to be unpacked-yet Mame was already making a birthday cake.  More
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