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Leaves and water


To Scott, Keith is his son’s imaginary friend. To Scott’s wife, Keith is the love she’s never had before.  More
Dragonfly in fllght

Bucket List

“Our family isn’t big on frills. We use what works. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be magic.”  More
House at the end of a tree-lined path.


Sarabeth returns home after her grandmother’s funeral — only to discover her brother Donnie and uncle Reed have nefarious plans for her inheritance.  More
A green field in Montana with mountains on the horizon.


Sam, a college dropout living in Browning, Montana, isn’t sure what he’s looking for. Enter Debbie, a master’s degree student who’s sworn off men after her recent divorce.  More

Little Green Men

In the era of Desert Storm trading cards, two boys get caught up in the jingoistic fervor encapsulating their Midwestern town.  More

Charlie’s Bar

“Wiping the back bar, he wondered if the Customer was joking. No one would walk into a pub and just confess he was going to kill a man.”  More
Turkish street


In 1966, Kelly is finishing her sabbatical in southern Turkey, a place that wold disrupt her life forever.  More
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